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Almenn Innheimta is a new addition to the payment and collection services. Despite the fact that we are a new company in this field we assure you that our employees have years of experience in the Icelandic bank system. With this experience we have managed to create the perfect collection system for both administrators and employees. This system makes sure that the default and costs stay as low as possible, thereby increasing profitability for our customers.

Payment options

Almenn Innheimta ehf. offers the following payment options.

The collection process

Primary collection

Almenn Innheimta handles the billing for its clients from when the claim has been created until it’s been paid off. The creditor is in charge of deciding whether he wants to create their own claims or if they want to let our company take care of it. No matter the choice the creditor can at all times see the claims in our system. If the claim hasn’t been paid before or on the day of the payment deadline then we send out a collection warning.

Secondary collection

Almenn Innheimta can be a vital contact between the creditor and the debtor when the claim has reached secondary collection, then and there can the creditor decide what method they want to use regarding the collection process. The collection methods they can choose from are:

  • Secondary collection letter.
  • First reminder of collection letter.
  • Second reminder of collection letter.
  • A phone call to the debtor.
  • Reminder via text message or email.
  • Creditinfo registration.

Our collection consultants assist the creditors with picking the right collecting method that is consistent with each case.

Legal collection

If nether the primary nor secondary collection process seem to be effective then we turn to legal collection. When the claims enter legal collection we reach out to all available resources of the Icelandic legal system. These resources include dispute settlement, enforcement, debt listing, equity appraisal, distress sale, and bankruptcy. The creditor always has full control over the resources applied in each case.


Almenn Innheimta provides a comprehensive services in the collection field and an all-around system that fits your needs when it comes to creating claims, collecting and a following up on your cases.

An improved business relationship

The foundation for a trusting business relationship is security and results. Our system makes it easy to see results.

A user friendly environment

Our system is user friendly and tailored to the needs of those involved in the billing- and collecting within companies.

Clear results

Our system is equipped with numerous features and possibilities on extensive analysis of successful collection, both for administrators and employees.

Easy communications

You can easily retrieve information from our system and communicate them within the system and outside of it.

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